Category D PSV Bus Driver Courses in Crawley

Elevate Your Career with Weekend Bus Driving Lessons!

Join London Bus Experiences near Gatwick Airport in Crawley for an opportunity to embark on a lucrative bus driving career without leaving your current job. Our weekend-only Category D bus driving lessons are uniquely designed for those who want to augment their income with opportunities like rail replacement services, while maintaining their regular employment during the week.

Why London Bus Experiences?

Weekend-Only Lessons

Perfect for busy professionals seeking to supplement their income without disrupting their current job.

Modern Training Fleet

Learn in up-to-date buses, mirroring the real-world vehicles you will operate.

Expert Guidance

Our instructors are seasoned professionals with extensive knowledge of both urban and rural driving conditions.

Three stages to become a bus driver

Obtain a Provisional Bus Driving License

Application: Apply for a provisional bus driving license (Category D). This includes filling out the D2 and D4 forms.
Medical Examination:
You need to pass a DVLA medical examination, which involves an assessment of your overall health, including eyesight, by a doctor.

Undergo Professional Training

Training Course: Enroll in a training course with a reputable provider like London Bus Experiences. These courses prepare you for the CPC tests and provide practical driving experience.
Gain experience in handling a bus under various traffic conditions and scenarios.

Pass the Practical and Theory Tests

Theory Tests: Complete the multiple-choice and hazard perception tests.
Practical Tests:
Successfully pass the driving ability test and the practical demonstration test.

Initial CPC Qualification (if required): Once qualified, bus drivers must complete 35 hours of periodic training every five years to keep their Driver CPC.

Our Program Highlights

Customized Learning Modules

Our course includes specialized modules tailored to various aspects of bus driving, such as urban navigation, long-distance travel, and customer service excellence.

Scenario-Based Training

We provide training in a range of scenarios, from busy city traffic to serene country roads, preparing you for any driving situation.

Advanced Safety Training

In-depth focus on safety practices, including emergency response, vehicle maintenance checks, and passenger safety protocols.

Real-Time Traffic Experience

Training sessions are conducted in real traffic conditions, particularly around Crawley and Gatwick Airport, to offer practical, hands-on experience.

Personalised Feedback

Regular one-on-one feedback sessions with instructors to discuss progress, address challenges, and set goals.

Mock Tests

Conducting regular tests to fully prepare you for the official DVLA driving tests.

Eligibility and Requirements

Age and License

Must be at least 18 years old and hold a valid Category B driving license (either manual or automatic), and a provisional Category D licence.

Medical Fitness

A DVLA medical examination pass is required.

Career Advantages

Dual Income Potential

Keep your existing job while gaining the skills to earn additional income on weekends. This dual-income approach can significantly boost your overall earnings.

Career Flexibility

Bus driving skills open up opportunities for a variety of roles, including city bus driving, tour bus operations, and special event transportation, offering flexibility to work in different sectors.

High Demand

With a constant need for skilled bus drivers, especially in areas like rail replacement services, you’ll enter a job market with strong and steady demand.

Growth Opportunities

The skills you acquire can be a stepping stone to higher positions within the transportation industry, such as supervisory roles or training new drivers.

Work-Life Balance

The option to work part-time or on a flexible schedule as a bus driver can lead to an improved work-life balance, especially if your primary job is demanding.

Job Security

The transportation sector often offers more job stability compared to other industries, which can be an essential factor for long-term career planning.

 Flexible Payment Options with Klarna. 
Buy Now, Pay Later

At London Bus Experiences, we understand that flexibility in financing can make all the difference in pursuing your goals. That’s why we’re excited to offer Klarna’s Buy Now, Pay Later service. This convenient payment option allows you to book your lessons today and spread the cost over time, making it easier to manage your finances without delaying your training. With Klarna, you can enjoy the ease of deferred payments while embarking on your journey to becoming a professional bus driver. Sign up for your lessons now, take control of your payment schedule, and drive towards your new career with confidence and financial peace of mind.

Our pricing list

DRIVING evaluation
  • No need for medical or Category D Provisional
  • A professional opinion on your current skill level
  • 1 hour on private roads
  • Instant recommendation
£ 179

  • Best for drivers who lack large vehicle experience
  • 12 or more hours of training over 3 days
  • Theory & Practical test fees included
  • Fast and cost effective
  • In depth 1-on-1 training with a high pass rate
£ 95

/ hour

  • Designed for people who have taken a break from large vehicles and want to polish their skills
  • 4 or 8 hours of driving
  • In depth 1-on-1 training
  • Popular confidence booster
£ 112 .50

/ hour

Where do we undertake our lessons?

Our lessons take place in a mixture of real world settings on public roads and controlled environments away from the general public. Our base is in Crawley and whilst we can not offer you parking on our site, we can organise parking closeby for you, or alternatively meet you at one of the convenient locations listed below

PSV Training in Haywards Heath

Haywards Heath has a railway station, local buses, and car parking available to meet the bus and instructor for your Category D PCV training. At the end of your lesson you’ll be back where you started.

PSV Training in Crawley

Crawley boasts a convenient railway station, a network of local buses, and ample car parking facilities, all of which are easily accessible for meeting your bus and instructor for your Category D PCV training. Upon completion of your lesson, you will return to your initial starting point.

PSV Training in Copthorne

In Copthorne, you can take advantage of the local bus services and available car parking spaces to meet with your bus and instructor for the Category D PCV training session. Once your lesson concludes, you’ll find yourself back at your original starting location.

PSV Training in Gatwick

Gatwick, equipped with a railway station, local bus services, and car parking options, offers convenient meeting points for your bus and instructor for the Category D PCV training. After completing your lesson, you’ll return to your original starting point. It’s important to note, however, that pickups inside the airport incur an additional charge.

PSV Training in East Grinstead

East Grinstead provides several convenient options for meeting your bus and instructor for Category D PCV training, including a railway station, local bus services, and car parking facilities. At the conclusion of your training session, you will return to your initial starting point.

PSV Training in Horsham

Horsham offers a variety of convenient transport options for your Category D PCV training needs, including a railway station, local bus routes, and car parking facilities. These amenities are available for you to easily meet your bus and instructor. After your training session, you’ll find yourself back at the point where you began.

PSV Training in Redhill

Redhill provides accessible transport options for those undertaking Category D PCV training, including a railway station, local bus services, and car parking facilities. These amenities facilitate an easy meeting with your bus and instructor. Upon completion of your training session, you will return to the location where you initially started.

Frequently asked questions

What qualifications do I need to start training for Category D bus driving?

You must be at least 18 years old and hold a valid full Category B (car) driving license. Passing a DVLA medical examination is also required.

How long does the training course take to complete?

The duration varies depending on your learning pace and availability, especially since we focus on weekend-only lessons. Typically, it ranges from a couple of weeks to several months.

Are there any specific health requirements for the course?

Yes, you need to pass a DVLA medical examination, which assesses your overall health and fitness to drive a bus.

What does the training program include?

Our program covers comprehensive driving skills, safety procedures, customer service, eco-driving techniques, and first aid training. It involves both theory and practical sessions in various driving environments.

Do you provide training for specific industries like rail replacement services?

Yes, we offer specialized training modules for industries like rail replacement services, focusing on the unique requirements of these sectors.

Are lessons only available on weekends?

Yes, our unique offering is weekend-only lessons, allowing you to train without disrupting your weekday job.

Weekday lessons may be available by prior arrangement by contacting us.

What if I miss a class due to unforeseen circumstances?

We understand that unexpected situations can occur. Please contact us as soon as possible to discuss rescheduling options.

What is the cost of the training program?

The cost varies depending on the course duration and specific training requirements. All our pricing is available on this website.

What job opportunities are available after completing the course?

Graduates can pursue careers in city bus driving, tour bus operations, rail replacement services, and more. The demand for qualified bus drivers is consistently high.

Does London Bus Experiences assist with job placements?

While we don’t offer direct job placements, we provide guidance and support for job applications and interview preparations.

Still have questions? Contact us and we’ll be happy to assist you!