The following buses have been entered into the 2024 South of England Bus Festival. If you would like to enter your bus then please complete this form. Stallholders can use this form.

YearChassisBodyRegistrationFleet No.LiveryEntrant
1953AEC Regal IVNLE 600RF 600London Country GreenJohn Duff
1959AEC Regent VBreakdown Tender ConversionPFN 858East Kent Red and CreamJohn Neil Morgan
1965AEC RoutemasterPark RoyalCUV 317CRML 2317Brighton & HoveSpirit of Sussex
1965AEC RoutemasterPark RoyalCUV 334CRML 2334London CountryMark Dunlop
1972Leyland LeopardMarshalEKL 456K3456Maidstone & DistrictAdrian Carter
1976Leyland NationalLeyland National B49F +24PCD 80R34National Bus GreenPaul Llewellyn
1977Bristol VRTECWTPN 103S603NBC GREENDavid Grimstone
1979AEC RelianceDuple DominantJTM 109VMetrobusPeter Larking
1979Leyland National11351A/1RAYJ 97TSouthdown 97Southdown (deregulation) green/cream/hissing Sid logoCharley Aslett
1979Leyland National10351B/1RYPL 449TSNB449National Bus Company (Leaf Green)/London Country Bus ServicesMick Berg
1984Leyland TitanA64 THXT 1064London BusesT 1064 Group
1988Scania N112East LancsE701 EFG701Brighton and HoveDavid Grimstone
1989Volvo B10M-50East Lancashire Coach Builders Double DeckerG610 BPH610London & CountryPiers Millier
1990Dennis DartCarlyleG29 TGWDT 29London Buses Roundabout3238 Group
1998Dennis Dart SLFPlaxton PointerS516 JJHDP 516London RedBen Elias
1998DAF DB250LFALX400S233 JUADLA 33Arriva TrainingMark Mcwalter
1998Volvo OlympianNorthern Counties Palatine 2R372 LGHNV 172London Red with Gold BandDave Tossell
1998Volvo OlympianNorthern Counties Open TopR741 XRV4641Southern Vectis- Island BreezersDave Forrester
1998Volvo B10BLEWright RenownR904 BOU1904First BarbieJack Bayntun
1999Dennis TridentALX400S801 BWCTA 1Stagecoach East LondonSouth London Dart Collection
1999Dennis Dart SLFMarshall CapitalV356 DLHDMS 356London RedSouth London Dart Collection
1999Dennis TridentOpen Top East LancsT819 RFG819First – South West – plain yellowDavid Grimstone
2000Dennis Dart SLFPlaxton Super PointerX226 WNO34226LStagecoach LondonSouth London Dart Collection
2001Dennis Dart SLFALX200Y329 FJNSLD 329Stagecoach East LondonAlisha Juszczyk
2001Dennis TridentPlaxton PresidentLN51 KYYTPL 264MetrolineThe North London Collection
2001Dennis Dart SLFCaetano NimbusY379 HMY379Metrobus Battle Bus BlueNat Collins (Sussex & Surrey SLF’s)
2002Dennis Dart SLFPlaxton PointerLV52 HGC34366Stagecoach LondonSouth London Dart Collection
2002Dennis TridentALX400LG02 FBUTA40247London United RATPTyler Young
2003Dennis TridentPlaxton PresidentLK03 CFNTP 417London RedLondon Bus Experiences
2003Dennis TridentALX400LX03 BXF17811Stagecoach RedAlisha Juszczyk
2004Volvo B7TLALX400LJ04 LFMVLA 57Arriva LondonWiktor Morawski
2005Volvo B7TLALX400LJ05 GMFVLA 131London RedLondon Bus Experiences
2005Volvo B7TLWright Eclipse GeminiLX05 EZAWVL 204London RedAlisha Juszczyk
2005Dennis Dart SLFPlaxton PointerWX05 RVN42905First “Barbie”Paul Paske
2005Dennis Enviro 400LX55 HGC19000Stagecoach London “Spirit of London”Bromley Bus Preservation Group
2006Dennis Dart SLFPlaxton PointerLX06 FAULDP 285Go Ahead LondonWiktor Morawski
2021Mercedes TourismoCoachBV71 HYORokeby SchoolDoug Carrington