Parking is extremely limited at the showground. To accommodate, we’re offering a complimentary bus service to the festival site from Haywards Heath Railway Station every 15 minutes, and a limited service from Copthorne.

Haywards Heath Railway Station
Perrymount Road, Haywards Heath, RH16 3BN
Stop ID: wsxampwm
If arriving by train, when leaving the main exit from the railway station, turn right and then at the roundabout right again. The bus stop is to the side of a large Waitrose.

Copthorne, Duke’s Head Pub
Turners Hill Road, Crawley Down, RH10 4HH
Stop ID: wsxapdpg
If arriving by bus, our service is timed to connect to other arrivals and departures at the roundabout and give passengers enough time to change between buses. The bus stop is on Turners Hill Road next to the car park of the Duke’s Head Pub

Whilst we make every effort to operate the timetable below to the times and allocations stated, delays due to heavy traffic, mechanical issues or passenger loadings may occur on the day.

We are proud to provide a fully accessible event for our guests with disabilities. However, some of the vehicles used on the shuttle bus service might not be wheelchair accessible. If you are using a wheelchair and wish to board the bus please let us know in advance if possible by emailing and we will try our best to ensure a PSVAR vehicle is allocated.

Copthorne Dukes Head Roundabout (Dep)09:3010:3011:3012:3013:3014:3015:10
South of England Showground (arr)09:4510:4511:4512:4513:4514:4515:25
South of England Showground (dep)09:5510:1010:2510:4010:5511:1011:2511:4011:5512:1012:2512:4012:5513:1013:2513:4013:5514:1014:2514:4014:5515:1015:2515:4015:5516:1016:25
Haywards Heath Railway Station (arr)10:1010:2510:4010:5511:1011:2511:4011:5512:1012:2512:4012:5513:1013:2513:4013:5514:1014:2514:4014:5515:1015:2515:4015:5516:1016:2516:40
Haywards Heath Railway Station (dep)09:3009:4510:0010:1510:3010:4511:0011:1511:3011:4512:0012:1512:3012:4513:0013:1513:3013:4514:0014:1514:3014:4515:0015:1515:3015:4516:0016:15
South of England Showground (arr)09:4510:0010:1510:3010:4511:0011:1511:3011:4512:0012:1512:3012:4513:0013:1513:3013:4514:0014:1514:3014:4515:0015:1515:3015:4516:0016:1516:30
South of England Showground (dep)09:5010:5011:5012:5013:5014:5015:5016:40
Copthorne Dukes Head Roundabout (Dep)10:0511:0512:0513:0514:0515:0516:0516:55