All of our vehicles are genuine buses that were previously used in London

private roads

Whatever your confidence level, you need not worry on our private road network

unlimited selfies

Take as long as you need to get as many photos as you like. We do not restrict photos or filming

About us

London Bus Experiences is delighted to introduce our tour operations, commencing in late 2024. 

Until then, we are thrilled to provide an unparalleled opportunity: our London Bus Driving Experiences. Now, you can reserve your spot and take the wheel of a classic red double-decker bus!

Engross yourself in the allure of our vintage London bus tours, offering an extensive variety of trips and experiences. Whether you are arranging a city tour for your group, embarking on a long-haul journey, planning a wedding celebration, or looking for a unique driving experience day, London Bus Experiences caters to all your needs.

Why should London Bus Experiences be your first choice?


Our buses are equipped with dual controls similar to learner cars, ensuring even those without prior driving experience can confidently get behind the wheel, knowing that our seasoned instructors can take control if necessary.

Private Road Network

Participants will navigate a private road network, free from typical road hazards like other vehicles and pedestrians. This offers a focused and immersive experience, allowing drivers to truly connect with the bus and the road.

one-on-one  Tailored Guidance

Our experienced instructors are skilled at catering to all levels of drivers, from absolute beginners to seasoned drivers. Every participant is assured a personalized experience, ensuring they feel confident and in control throughout.

Comprehensive Experience

Beyond the thrill of driving, participants receive a digital certificate detailing their chosen bus’s history. This, combined with many unlimited photo opportunities, ensures the memory lasts long after the driving is done.