Dennis Trident Plaxton President

TP 417

A new era for London Buses

Metroline, known for its operations in north-west London, traditionally relied on M-type Metrobuses and RML Routemasters. However, 1999 saw a shift as the company adopted the modern 9.9m Trident chassis, inaugurating the TP series with Plaxton Presidents bodies.

TP417 stands out in this series. Delivered to Holloway in 2003, it was promptly showcased at Showbus and served a variety of routes, such as the 4, 17, 43, 139, and more.

Retirement from London

In late 2015, its journey took a twist when Metroline sold it to Ensignbus. Rather than regular routes, TP417 was used for distinct tasks, including rail replacements, tube strike reliefs, and even had a cameo in BBC’s Sherlock. By 2016, it was under Seaford & District’s banner and later sold to Loyalty Connections of Margate.

Entering preservation

Fast forward to 2023, this iconic bus joined the London Bus Experiences fleet, marking yet another chapter in its storied history. The bus will be used on the London Bus Driving Experience and in future it has the option to be used on other types of work.

Volvo B7TL / ALX400

VLA 131

An Introduction

VLA131 (LJ05 GMF), a striking red double-decker, was introduced in 2005 as part of a modern line of low-floor Volvo buses. Originally designated for route 128 from Barking depot, it soon expanded its service, notably making appearances on routes 150, 173, 368, and also serving as a stand-in vehicle on school or rail routes.

The penultimate London ALX400

On April 21st, 2020, VLA131 proudly retired as the penultimate ALX400 in service in London, having worked it’s entire life in East London and Essex.

The future

Post retirement, VLA131 was meticulously restored by London Bus Experiences after three years in storage. It’s now a central part of the  London Bus Driving Experience, with future use including conducting scenic London tours and potential expeditions to far-reaching destinations.

Dennis Dart SLF Plaxton Pointer 2

DP 516

A unique start

Built in 1998, S516 JJH, a Dennis Dart SLF, began its journey with the Tellings-Golden Miller fleet, serving Kingston University. Over the years, it underwent several transfers and rebrandings until 2007 when it transitioned to Reading Buses. After almost a decade, it was sold to Compass Bus in 2018.

Driving Experiences

However, 2023 marked a significant shift. London Bus Experiences transformed S516 JJH into an unparalleled attraction. Bus enthusiasts aged 13 and up can now experience the  adrenaline rush of driving this classic on private land, all without a license.

The future

DP 516 has now made its way elsewhere and had it’s instructors equipment removed – exciting things are happening that will be shared here soon!