A New Chapter Begins
The year 2023 has been a remarkable period for London Bus Experiences, marked by resilience, expansion, and a deepening connection with the rich history of London’s buses. Our journey, pivoting from the closure of our previous business in Ukraine to establishing a unique venture in the UK, has been nothing short of inspiring.

Reviving a London Icon: VLA131
Our adventure began in January 2023 with the acquisition of VLA131 (LJ05 GMF), a vibrant red double-decker that has been a part of London’s streets since 2005. Originally serving routes like the 128, 150, 173, and 368, this bus represented more than just transport; it was a piece of London’s heart. After retiring in 2020, VLA131, despite being in a state of neglect, held great potential. Our dedicated efforts in refurbishing her, including an eventful trip to GoCoach, resulted in a majestic revival.

Launching the London Bus Driving Experience
With VLA131 back in form, we introduced our first London Bus Driving Experience at the South of England Showground. This innovative event allows individuals over 13 to experience driving a bus, bringing a unique thrill to bus enthusiasts and the general public alike.

Expanding the Fleet: S516 JJH and TP417
Our fleet expansion continued with the addition of S516 JJH, a Dennis Dart SLF with a storied past from Kingston University to Reading Buses. This bus, now painted red and part of our fleet since September 2023, adds diversity to our collection.

The acquisition of TP417, a Dennis Trident with a notable history from its time with Metroline, further enhanced our fleet. Its original London specifications and its red color have made it a favorite among enthusiasts.

Looking to the Future: More Buses and PSV Training Courses
As we conclude 2023, our excitement for the future is palpable. With plans to introduce more vehicles, including a bus that promises to be a hit with enthusiasts, our journey is far from over.

In addition to our Driving Experiences, we’re expanding into professional driver training with weekend Category D bus driving lessons. This initiative aims to provide flexible training opportunities for those looking to supplement their income, such as with rail replacement services, while maintaining regular employment.

Our Dream: Restoring More Vintage Buses
The success of our Driving Experiences and Bus Driver Training programs fuels our dream to restore more vintage buses, with a particular aspiration to acquire a Routemaster. This iconic symbol of London would be a crown jewel in our collection, embodying our commitment to preserving the city’s transport heritage.

In Summary
2023 has been a year of significant strides for London Bus Experiences. From reviving vintage buses to expanding our fleet and launching new initiatives, we’ve not only celebrated London’s bus history but also paved the way for a vibrant future in this field. Stay tuned for more exciting developments as we continue our journey, driven by passion and a love for London’s iconic buses.



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